New: Fixed line included

The fixed line is now included in all
our Internet offers and packages!
It’s Pay-As-You-Go.
+ 1 cordless phone offered

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The super-fast Internet

Surf with peace of mind thanks to Eltrona's fiber and WiFi 6 technology.
Order online and your ultra-high speed internet connection will be installed in your home in no more than 6 days!

Discover ONE

ONE: Connect wherever you are

Stay connected wherever you are and save
money by choosing the ONE package:
Internet 500 Mbit/s + Mobile 40GB + Landline connection
for only 59€/month.

Discover ONE

Mobile: the most data at the best price

Mobile plans with no fuss up to 40GB valid
all over Europe: just what you need!
Order online, they are with no commitment!

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DUO+: unlimited Internet & TV+

Combine ultra-high speed Internet up to 1Gbit/s
and TV to watch whenever and wherever you want,
for a better price.

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TV+: your TV wherever and whenever you want

From now on, it's up to you. Enjoy Replay, Pause, Timeshift and Recording or watch TV+ on your smartphone or tablet.

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Save 200 € on
your installation costs


Fiber Internet up to 1 Gbit/s from € 15/month

Offer valid for your first 3 months

For any 24 month subscription.

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Internet - TV+ - Mobile

Fiber internet connection, HD television,
fixed and mobile telephony.


Download up to icone infobulle
1 Gbit/s

The whole family is passionate about the Internet and everyone wants to have a great connection to watch streaming videos, browse social networks and play frantic online games?

By choosing 1 Gbit/s speed, you ensure that all Internet users in your home will be pleased simultaneously, not only today but also tomorrow!

Download volume

WiFi 6

Eltrona’s fiber network


€15 / month


Replay and restart

Simultaneously on up to 4 devices

+ 100 HD channels

Up to 400 hours of Recording

Live TV everywhere

More than 1700 titles on VOD


€23 / month


4G mobile plans without
, including


Call minutes


National and European


€18 / month

Fibre to your home

Eltrona fibre is rapid, easy, and always here for you

Thanks to Eltrona's fibre network and WiFi 6 technology, you can stream, work remotely, play online games, and make video calls all at the same time. Enjoy all the benefits of the Internet over our entire network with speeds of up to 1Gbit/s.

The Eltrona network allows the transport of the Internet signal by the fiber and then by the coaxial cable to your home. The advantage? As the cable is often already present in your home, the installation is done quickly and most of the time without any construction work.

Eltrona packs

Simplify your life with our
special packages

& TV +

€42 / month

for 3 months then 57 € /month

& TV + ZEN

€55 / month

for 3 months then 70 € /month

& TV + MAX

€72 / month

for 3 months then 87 € /month


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