WiFi at Home by Eltrona

WiFi tailored to your needs and your home

To enjoy the Internet in the best conditions at home, your WiFi coverage must be perfectly suited to your household's needs

Depending on your habits (streaming, binge watching, online gaming) and the number of users connected to your network at the same time, your coverage will require facilities and equipment to ensure optimal data transfer speed in all rooms where it is needed.

High quality WIFI network

Designing your network easily

To help you design your quality network easily, Eltrona has set up the WiFi at Home diagnostic service.

With our WiFi at Home service, you benefit from the advice of a network expert to design an infrastructure where your modem, WiFi boosters and devices are ideally laid to enjoy the best signal; and this according to the habits of each family member.

A unique WiFi network

made easy

During the survey, our experts analyse your house in order to position the different equipment in the most optimal way according to its structure.


This phase is designed to foster communication between the various elements so that your devices can automatically connect to the strongest and closest WiFi point.

A fast and always connected
WiFi network

Our teams perform a WiFi speed test of your current network to identify weak points and make the necessary changes to ensure a strong connection. They'll also take into account the power of your equipment so that a slower unit doesn't affect the quality of the more powerful ones.


This will ensure that your connected devices are used to their full potential.

A WiFi network that

covers your entire home

Whether you're surfing in the living room, bedroom or even the attic, our WiFi at Home service uses a WiFi speed test of every room to provide the right connection coverage for your family's habits.


Your devices will be ideally placed for everyone's enjoyment.


All the accessories you need for a flawless Internet connection



Your multiple WiFi devices communicate with each other and automatically form a single WiFi at Home network.

Your devices will automatically connect to the strongest WiFi point in your home.


A slow device delays your Internet browsing to the detriment of other devices.

With a WiFi at Home network, the connection needs are optimally distributed among all your devices. This means that each of them works at optimum speed.


Your WiFi devices are ideally placed so that your WiFi at Home is accessible in every corner of the house.

No need to stay in the living room when you wanted to browse from your bedroom.


Thanks to a diagnostic of all your connected devices, carried out in real time by our technician, Eltrona can tell you what best suits the configuration of your home. Eltrona tests the speed, the stability of the connection and the ideal location of your internet modem.


Our analysis
is as follows :

  1. Diagnostics and measuring of the modem and the available WiFi
  2. Commissioning of the necessary device(s)
  3. Networking
  4. Positioning of devices in your home for optimal WiFi in all areas of use

If required, WiFi at Home by Eltrona offers a Mesh network with the necessary devices placed in the most strategic locations so that you can use the Internet as you need it, anywhere in your home.


Order your

Order your diagnostic WiFi at Home by Eltrona
for €79
and take advantage of a WiFi that matches your needs.

WiFi at Home

Eltrona is at your side at home to offer you a WiFi solution tailored to your needs.

Diagnostic WiFi at Home pour 79 €