DUO+ Your Internet and TV+
package from €59/month

Combine ultra-high speed Internet up to
1Gbit/s and TV available wherever and whenever you
want, for a great price.

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109 €
Limited time

The advantages of DUO+:
Unlimited Internet and TV+

Icone réseau ultra-haut débit Eltrona

Fiber Internet
up to 1 Gbit/s

Take advantage of Eltrona's own ultra-high-speed network, the super-fast provider in Luxembourg. 1 Gbit/s, so you can surf at full speed!

Icone Application Eltrona

TV+: your TV wherever
and whenever you want

Thanks to the Eltrona TV+ app, access more than 100 HD channels from your smartphone or tablet.

Icone installation en 6 jours

Installation at home in
6 days guaranteed

Eltrona is the only provider in Luxembourg which guarantees an installation appointment within 6 days from the confirmation of your contract.

Discover our DUO+ packages
Unlimited Internet and TV+ from 59€/month

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de notre offre de noël

Profitez d'une connexion Internet jusqu’à 1Gbit/s et du service TV+ Eltrona à partir 42€ /mois pendant les trois permiers mois.

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Speed icone infobulle
200 Mbit/s

Do you like to browse the web, communicate by email or private messaging and consult your favoured social networks?

With a browsing speed of 200 Mbit/s, you can meet all your requirements.

Simultaneously up to 2 devices

+ 100 HD channels

Recording up to 40h

Fixed line included
(pay as you go)

59 € / month

pendant 3 mois puis 57 € /mois

Eltrona Box rental at 5 €/month

Modem rental at 6 €/month


Speed icone infobulle
500 Mbit/s

Do you browse, communicate and download online and do you like to watch as many series as possible via streaming or Netflix?

The browsing speed of 500 Mbit/s ensures that you can enjoy the Internet the way you want to.

Simultaneously up to 3 devices

+ 100 HD channels

Recording up to 200h

Fixed line included
(pay as you go)

70 € / month

pendant 3 mois puis 70 € /mois

Eltrona Box rental at 5 €/month

Modem rental at 6 €/month


Speed icone infobulle
1 Gbit/s

The whole family is passionate about the Internet and everyone wants to have a great connection to watch streaming videos, browse social networks and play frantic online games?

By choosing 1 Gbit/s speed, you ensure that all Internet users in your home will be pleased simultaneously, not only today but also tomorrow!

Simultaneously up to 4 devices

+ 100 HD channels

Recording up to 400h

Fixed line included
(pay as you go)

87 € / month

pendant 3 mois puis 87 € /mois

Eltrona Box rental at 5 €/month

Modem rental at 6 €/month

Eltrona's Internet network,
without complicated
installation needs

Would you like to enjoy the speed of a fiber connection at home? 

Thanks to owning its own network, Eltrona is able to offer you a fiber Internet connection of up to 1Gbit/s in Luxembourg.

Most of the time, the wiring you already have allows for a simplified and faster installation of Eltrona's ultra-high speed connection, without any additional construction work.

What are you waiting for?

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Eltrona, the super-fast Internet provider in Luxembourg

Eltrona, the super-fast Internet provider in Luxembourg Eltrona is the super-fast Internet provider in Luxembourg! 

This means Eltrona customers enjoy a top performance and quality of Internet, on more than 85% of the territory.

You too can benefit from Eltrona's high-performance Internet so that everyone in your home can enjoy it to the fullest at the same time.

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All your services installed
at home in 6 days, guaranteed! 


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Choose your subscription and place your order online in just a few clicks.

Sign your contract

Once you have placed your order, sign your contract online.

Our team finalizes the contract and schedules an appointment for the installation

Once you have signed your contract, our team takes over to finalize it. Then we schedule an appointment for installation.

Installation by a technician

A technician comes to your home to configure your Internet connection and TV+ subscription. All that’s left is to enjoy your internet!


Your favorite TV programs
at your fingertips

And much more...

Luxembourgish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian,

English etc..., watch TV in many languages.

See all tv channels


Your TV everywhere
in Luxembourg and Europe

Also customize your channel preferences.

Channels are ordered according to the language selected in the menu. You can also change the channel order with a simple swipe on the Eltrona TV+ application