For 1 € a day, you won't get very far...

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1 Gbit/s for 1 €/day

1 Gbit/s ultra-fast internet for 1 €/day during 1 year!

Internet GIGA

1 €/day


30 €/month

Download up to

The whole family is passionate about the Internet and everyone wants to have a great connection to watch streaming videos, browse social networks and play frantic online games?

By choosing 1 Gbit/s speed, you ensure that all Internet users in your home will be pleased simultaneously, not only today but also tomorrow!

1 Gbit/s

  • Installation fee 109 €
  • Modem rental of €6/month
  • For 1 year, then €57/month
  • Offer valid until May 31st
  • Eltrona's network covers 85% of households
  • Ultra-high speed on our entire hybrid fiber network
  • Complete installation in a maximum of 6 days
  • Absolutely unlimited download volume
  • Free diagnostic of your WiFi installation

Get the best of the Internet with ease: Order today and activate your new connection until 31/08.

Offer valid
until June 30

Are you moving soon?

Order today and activate your connection when you move in! 

By subscribing to this exceptional offer, you can postpone the activation of your subscription until August 31  .

This way, you only start paying 1 €/day for 1 year when your connection is fully activated.
Never seen before in Luxembourg! 


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All the benefits of
Ultra-Fast Internet

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