Your high-speed Internet connection 100 Mbit/s for
just 25,86 €/month

With an Internet S subscription, Eltrona offers you
VAT for the whole year 2023. Offer valid until 30/01/2023.

30 January

Only left to order
you ultra-high speed Internet connection

HIGH-SPEED INTERNET FOR ALL Thanks to the Eltrona network,
you can also enjoy high-speed Internet access

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100 Mbit/s

Download volume

WiFi 6

Installation in 6 days

Eltrona’s fiber network

Fixed line included
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25,86 €/month

Free VAT for 1 year then 30 €/month

99 € installation fee

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ELTRONA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION 100 Mbp/s connection speed available to over 85 % of households

Eltrona's network allow over 85 % of Luxembourg's households to enjoy an ultra-high speed Internet connection. Our fiber network offers optimal connection to all Internet users and for all uses such as streaming, gaming, videoconferencing or even the management of home automation devices.

To ensure that everyone can enjoy a high-quality connection, Eltrona offers a broadband subscription for an unbeatable price. Until January 30th 2023, the 100 Mbit/s connection is available for only 25,86 €/month for the entire year. I'M TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT RIGHT NOW


HIGH-SPEED INTERNET AT HOME TOO Check your access to the Eltrona
broadband network

To find out if your home is already connected to Eltrona's ultra-broadband network, take the 4-step test.

NO WORKS, FULL COMFORT Your broadband connection requires no work at home

Connecting to broadband doesn't require any major work to be done in your home. Our fiber network connects to your home or residence via the existing coaxial cable. Whether it's a house or a residence, our technicians do not need to carry out any special work.

AT YOUR PLACE NEXT WEEK Guaranteed installation in 6 days or less

In addition to get free VAT, Eltrona guarantees you a home installation in 6 days for only 99 €.

In addition, we offer you a WiFi diagnosis of your home during which our installer will test your network, then advise you on how to optimize it.

NEED HELP? Our teams are here to help you

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THE ELTRONA BOUTIQUES NETWORK Do you prefer to go to the store? 

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Visit your nearest Eltrona shop and take advantage of our support to complete your contract and make an appointment with our technical teams to finalise the installation of your broadband connection.


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