About Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A. in Luxembourg

Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A. is a telecommunications operator offering ultra-high-speed Internet services transported by fiber, high-definition television by cable and IPTV, and landline and mobile telephony.


Eltrona operates its own network infrastructures:

- Its Internet network, which combines the power of fiber and coaxial cable, and can be installed quickly and easily, most of the time without the need for specialized construction.
- Its high-performance cable television network, which covers more than 85% of the population of the Grand Duchy.


Strengthened by its experience, Eltrona operates in the residential, professional and institutional markets in Luxembourg.


The “Made in Luxembourg” company has been on the market since 1969, when it was founded.


Eltrona – Your world, your choice

Eltrona Interdiffusion SA Luxembourg - Photo Enseigne.